Why Become a Mentor?

  • DEVELOP feedback and critical thinking skills
  • GROW your network within the organization
  • ADVANCE your leadership skills
  • GAIN better understanding of the organization 


Why Become a Mentee?

  • GROW professional networks
  • LEARN to navigate workplace challenges
  • DEVELOP your leadership skills
  • EXPLORE opportunities and build your career path


If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.
— Isaac Newton

The CHRONUS interface serves as the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation's (ASF) flagship platform for our Scholar Portal and mentorship program. This interface allows the ASF to build a selective scholar community and facilitate a robust mentorship program where mentor and mentee collaborations can take place asynchronously and be individually tailored to ensure the relationships are best fit and goal oriented.

The Scholar Portal offers an environment where Astronaut Scholars can share and build community through forums and private messaging. This portal is a virtual home for our scholar community and all Astronaut Scholars are invited to make this portal a place to make meaningful relationships that center around this elite community.     

The structure of the Mentor Program is based on the sharing of knowledge and wisdom in order to promote successful researchers, professionals and world changers.  While the initial impact of the Astronaut Scholarship is a monetary award, the ongoing benefits continue well into the scholars careers and beyond as contacts are made, professional pathways followed and milestones are reached, and successes achieved.  This relationship should be life-changing for both mentor and mentee alike and will perpetuate continual successes as the scholars/mentees pay forward/give back and transition to become mentors themselves.

For student alum, ASF Mentorship Program helps in career planning by providing job-specific information and potential career paths, building career networking skills, and assisting with job placement after graduation.

For lifelong alumni,  ASF Mentorship Program provides the opportunity to give back and volunteer time, while developing important leadership skills. 

For our Mentors. This is your opportunity to create a meaningful relationship with ASF scholars, the best and the brightest, in their respective fields of study. It is also an opportunity to make a meaningful impact, as your mentoring an Astronaut Scholar will not only help shape their future; but quite possibly, the trajectory of an industry, the discovery of a new resource, the pursuit of a new invention, or the discovery of a new material that drives the next innovation that changes society. 

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